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5 technological changes to improve your small business

  1. Create an online presence. As generations of workers come up through the ranks, they become more and more tech-savvy. And, those tech-savvy workers are new and upcoming customers. Those customers are used to being able to connect to just about anything online. You can create an online presence in multiple ways, but creating and managing a website and creating a social media profile are the two most common options. If you don't have someone in your office who can do either you can use a local web design/developer company and social media company in your local area to assist you. (We personally use CLASS A. Web Designs in Raleigh, NC for our website needs.)

  2. If you have a website make sure it is functioning properly and make sure it is up-to-date. Customers want to know your website is current otherwise they won't be inclined to use it. If you sell a product or service, create a user-friendly online store or service plan that customers can easily access.

  3. Get an updated computer system, whether that be the hardware, the software, the tools, whatever it takes. This doesn't have to be a complete overhaul either. If you find you are spending a lot of time on one step or process see if there is an automated way to accomplish the step or process and incorporate that automation. Don't waste time on something that is outdated and no longer necessary. Simplify!

  4. Create a blog, online newsletter, or another to post information to your website. This expedites the communication process with customers and reduces costs. Your customers will appreciate expedient news instead of news they didn't know about or heard a few weeks past the inception date.

  5. Ask your staff for suggestions. You'd be surprised how many people might have simple and effective ideas that improve the flow of business. Maybe they haven't said anything before because it wasn't encouraged. Use ALL of your resources which includes staff! If need be, have a brainstorming session to come up with some inexpensive ideas that might improve your business.

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