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Champion Glass Cleaner is a Champ

Thanks for reading today! True Talk Tuesday is Carolina Coastal Supply's weekly review of the good, the bad and the ugly products that are available in the jansan, food supply, safety and packaging world. We want to ensure our customers are satisfied so we are testing products before adding them to the product list! Customer satisfaction is our first priority so we won't hold back on our reviews. We'll keep them short, sweet and honest.

Up to bat this week is the Champion Vista Cleer Glass Cleaner. As someone who thinks Windex is the heat, I was hesitant to even give this glass cleaner a try. Windex has never steered me wrong so how good could this glass cleaner be? Let's just say they don't label it Champion for nothing.

First, it's a foam cleaner! This has me excited because it reduces unnecessary mess. Foam stays where you spray it and there is no dribble from the cleaner. (I have no idea why this is not advertised on the can.)

Second, for all the "no harsh chemicals" folks, it is non-ammoniated, non-alcohol, and has a fresh, non-malodorous smell (ok that's last part is not on the can, but it should be.)

Finally, it leaves no streaks, it's easy to wipe away and it really cleans! Even with the messiest of mirrors at the office, I don't have to scrub to get the part nearest the sink clean. It's a spray wipe and you are done!

I'd give this product 4 out of 4 stars. If you want to try before you buy, email

P.S. - I use this glass cleaner in my own home as well!

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