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I've talked about this product via social media in the past, and I can't praise it enough! Our Otto Fresh car fresheners live up to their reputation.

Otto Fresh care fresheners claim a 30-day guarantee and it is TRUE! We received some several months ago as samples so I put them to the test. I put one in my Toyota Tacoma which I stink up on a regular basis. I slipped a cotton blossom scented one into my car and no kidding my car smelled like it had just been cleaned every day for MORE than 30 days.

The style I used was for personal cars, but they also come in scents for trucks and larger vehicles. So, if you have delivery drivers, salesman or company leaders who are regularly on the road they can pop one of these into their car and not fear the stale car smell. There are no messy oils, gels, or liquids that can break or spill, and is easy to use. Open the package, and place it under the seat (out of direct sunlight) for month long freshening. But, if you are a "I'll believe it when I smell it" type person, we can always send you samples! Email or call 984-235-4905 for samples! BONUS - they are 100% recyclable so you won't be damaging the environment.

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