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Warehouse Staff Performs with Excellence

Carolina Coastal Supply - Youngsville Warehous

In a small business, like Carolina Coastal Supply, it is essential to have high-quality, hard-working staff that promote functionality and smooth operation for successful distribution of product to our customers. Often businesses of any nature highlight a salesman that exceeds quotas or manager who excels at leadership, and too often some of the most essential personnel go unpraised. At Carolina Coastal Supply, however, we aim to emphasize the importance of teamwork and applaud ALL exceptional members of any team. This month we are taking the time to appreciate our warehouse staff.

Carolina Coastal Supply's warehouse staff perform a number of daily duties with excellence. We spoke with one team member, Alan Mantooth, to get his perspective on warehouse staff responsibilities, why they are important and how they enhance our company as a whole.

As expected, Carolina Coastal Supply's warehouse staff is responsible for inventory control, shipping and receiving, and warehouse and vehicle maintenance, safety, and travel. But, that is just an overview of the job. To gain a better sense of what these guys add to the team, I spoke with Alan about what a typical day looks like for him.

The warehouse team typically arrives earlier than the remainder of staff each day. Mantooth, along with two other warehouse staff, start each day by pulling, arranging and loading any orders that are expected to deliver the same day. Once orders are pulled, warehouse staff check behind one another to ensure prepared deliveries are accurate, securely loaded onto the vehicle, and that the proper paperwork is handed off to the driver. Once deliveries have been checked and verified the driver gets on the road. The driver then typically makes multiple deliveries, spending, sometimes several hours each day in a vehicle, to satisfy customer orders across multiple cities and counties in North Carolina. Once the driver arrives at the customer's location, they typically assist the customer's warehouse personnel to unload vehicles upon delivery, ensure the product arrived safely and intact, and provide the appropriate paperwork to the customer. Once the delivery is completed, the driver returns to the warehouse where, when they are not preparing to make additional deliveries, they are busy keeping the warehouse clean and safe, ensuring product is put away and in the proper location, alerting management of any inventory discrepancies and the list continues until the end of their workday. "We are grateful for helpful and personable employees," states Tammy Smolan, General Manager.

These responsibilities do not differ from other businesses in their nature, but often businesses elsewhere have multiple personnel who are responsible for one or two projects in the warehouse on a day-to-day basis. Carolina Coastal Supply's warehouse personnel, however, does it all! In the aforementioned paragraph that was one warehouse staff person's day. It's a lot to tackle in a day and these guys come in and do this Monday to Friday at 40-hour weeks. Without the warehouse team, inventory can get lost or damaged without being reported, the warehouse in unkempt and disorganized, there is no one available or qualified to make deliveries, customers would wait extremely long to receive their product, and the list goes on and on. Once it's laid out, it's easy to see just how essential the warehouse team truly is.

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