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You can't go wrong with these 5 business etiquette tips!

In a world where technology is king we've lost sight of the little things that can have a big impact on our small businesses.

Customers who shop local and small businesses like the personal service that type of business can provide. It's sort of like a homegrown, welcome you to the neighborhood with Apple Pie type feel. We all want the ease of access, but we still want that personal experience.

What are a few of things you can do as a small or local business to make you stand out from the rest?

  • In-person drop-bys and meetings - Don't e-mail for leads or make phone calls. Stop by, shake a hand and introduce yourself. Even if they turn you down you've had a chance to make a good first impression.

  • Speak kindly about everyone - Don't downplay, criticize or gossip about your competition. Instead, let your customer know about services or products they might not be able to get from their current vendor.

  • Listen to the customer - Let the customer do the talking. Have prepared and pointed questions that are relevant to your customer, but don't run your mouth never giving them a chance to provide valuable input.

  • Call back, show up, be on time - These things are SO simple! But, you'd be surprised how often a customer has to deal with no calls and missed or late appointments. Show them you value their time as much as your own.

  • Offer a service or product the customer can use - Most customers have specific products they are selling. HELP them to sell those to their customers. Don't offer them something they will not be able to use.

Making a good and last impression can be simple when you follow these basic etiquette tips!

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